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Bats near people or in a building can be dangerous. According to the CDC, they are the main factor in human rabies mortality. Their excretions can expose humans to a lung ailment known as histoplasmosis. Additionally, they can make it unpleasant to live close by due to the mess and odour they produce. They typically enter a home’s attic or soffit space through already-existing roof openings. Until they are removed, they will remain there year-round. They will leave the house at night to consume the insects in the neighbourhood and yard.

It is illegal for a wildlife control business to kill bats. Instead, the bats’ living area, typically an attic, must be completely shut off, and a one-way valve built to let the bats out but prevent them from coming back in. During “blackout periods,” control firms must take extra precautions to prevent mother bats from separating from their defenceless young.

Keep bats off the vicinity of your property permanently by working with our professionals at Beach Boys Wildlife Removal. We’re wildlife control specialists offering bat removal services near Little River, SC. With over 15 years of experience, you can be confident that we’ll solve your problem quickly, efficiently, and safely. Rest at ease knowing that we’ll keep your attic protected at all times.

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As soon as you hire our bat removal services, we’ll go to your property to find where these bats are hiding. We don’t trap bats; we use a one-way valve (bat valve). Once the bat valve is in place, bats can fly out but not back in. Then we’ll repair the damaged areas by sealing up the entry points. Once the process is complete, we focus on sanitation with our ectoparasite treatment. Our bat removal experts are trained to identify which species of bat is living in your home and how to keep them away safely and efficiently.

Once finished, we’ll work closely with you to ensure that we can solve your wildlife problem in the safest way possible. We will also help you determine if any underlying issues may have led to this unfortunate situation. If you have questions about our bat removal services, call us! We’ve given many clients in Little River, SC peace of mind knowing their properties are free from unwanted guests.